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As part of the Liebherr Group, Liebherr Appliances have had the mark of quality, reliability, and longevity for decades since 1954. Thanks to innovative technologies and high quality materials, Liebherr refrigerators and freezers are particularly convenient and energy-efficient. This applies both to domestic and professional use in trade, craft, gastronomy, commerce, and laboratory.


As a German specialist for cooling and freezing appliances, Liebherr is able to meet the most stringent demands of the research and laboratory sectors. With its robust quality, precise electronic controls, degree-accurate temperature settings and other comprehensive functions, the appliances ensures that sensitive substances, chemicals, and other research materials can be optimally stored.


Today the Liebherr Group comprises of more than 140 companies across all continents and employs more than 47,000 people worldwide.

The Liebherr Partnership with Life Science Incubator is kindly supported by ITS. ITS GROUP has more than 40 years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of products and solutions in the scientific and medical industry and their scope of business covers material, analytical & life sciences, medical infrastructure and equipment.

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